Monday, October 14, 2019

Reprise: Should journalists (be allowed to) protest in public -- "join in", chant, carry signs, even get arrested?

I’m going to be looking at this question again in the near future, particularly on Wordpress.

Should journalists march in protests and carry signs?  Should they be allowed to?
Here’s Poynter’s take on the question back in 2017. 

Columbia Journalism review had taken up this question especially with respect to the Women’s March the day after Inauguration Day in 2017.   This argument was more based on equality.

Turn this around, does a blogger become a journalist by calling himself one?  Would op-ed writers follow different rules?  What about independent journalists with big YouTube channels where they interview people or analyze news stories?

It doesn’t take much to see that his is a big deal overseas.
In the US, activists (mainly on the Left) could reasonably argue that independent vloggers who call themselves “journalists” and who don’t protest, weaken group solidarity and hollow out normal political processes.

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