Thursday, October 17, 2019

OK, I understand this platform offers "the New Blogger"

I’ve just tried the “New Blogger”, and it does look like it gives much more up-to-date stats as to what is going on daily.

“Peggyktc’ has an article about it.

I started Blogger in January 2006.  I had sixteen blogs created and running by summer 2006.

I started using Wordpress on Bluehost with two blogs at the start of 2014, anticipating the publication of my DADT III book in February. The “media reviews” blog is a bit of a misnomer now, but it mainly concerns my own creative projects in music and the novel, as well as news video that I take myself. The “Do Ask Do Tell Notes” blog adds footnotes to the books, discusses my trust and the way I handle certain business issues and the controversies they might generate.

I added my “News Commentary” blogs to contemplate the eleven news blogs on Blogger, and “Media Commentary” to supplement the five content review blogs.  The legacy Movie reviews blog became mainly dedicate to short films, often topical, and to some reviews of older films.

There were some problems with Blogger.  It has been very stable over the years.  Only once (in May 2011) has the ability to update been down (then for about 16 hours one time). But there was a problem early on with the mistaken taking down of some supposed “spam blogs”, especially in the summer of 2008.  On May 30, 2008, about four of my blogs (including TV) would not load, but they came back in a few hours. Very early, Blogger sometimes required a Captcha to log on to add new posts to blogs that automated systems thought were suspicious.  These had gone away for me by the end of 2008.  Some of my own best statistics (including with Adsense) occurred in the fall of 2008 after the financial crisis. I still do not understand how Google makes money on the product, whose visibility is less these days now that Facebook and Twitter are so prominent.  It’s interesting that Zuckerberg wants to make Facebook more ephermal, which could make Blogger more useful. It’s also disturbing that Google-plus was shut down with relatively short notice (a few months) on April 2, 2019.

Earlier, Hometown AOL had been shut down in 2007, with the opportunity offered to move the content to Blogger. 

I realize that my blogging setup has been set up over time with respect to available technology and has some redundancy, and is not as transparent as it could be.  Comparatively, Tim Pool recently explained why he has two video channels and channels on many other products sides YouTube.
Wordpress has a reputation as a more polished and intricate and professional blogging platform than Blogger, and easier to configure into a versatile business site.  So far, Google has not chosen to do that with Blogger, and connect it to hosting services, as far as I know.  Google does offer the opportunity to connect custom domain names to blogs.  But once this is done, some workplace filters will screen them out and some website security rating services don’t rate them for a long time.

Here's an article on how to interpret Blogger statistics, which may report higher numbers than Google analytics. 

The first picture is a model of a Dyson sphere in a Marriott hotel lobby near downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  The second is a similar model in a gay bar in downtown Ottawa. 

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