Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Gizmodo offers op-ed on the CASE Act, which indicates the media establishment has contempt for amateur speakers who don't have to make a living from their work

Whitney Kimball writes a commentary for Gizmodo discussing the danger of the CASE Act, that it could attract trolls, and that frivolous claims could be sent to amateur speakers who don’t respond to them. 
 The title of the article is startling enough, “How those Memes You Just Posted Could Cost You $30000.”

Various lawyers commented on the troll threat, and frankly some of them in Hollywood seem to think that amateurs who don’t need to publish things to earn a living shouldn’t.  The real concerns aren’t about “piracy”, they are about lowballing.  And this truly endangers user-generated content as we move into the 2020’s.

The floor vote hasn’t happened yet (identical bills did pass the judiciary committees), and it would take about a year to implement. Will the Copyright Office have sufficient safeguards against trolling in its administrative procedures?  Their own lawyers need to look at this quickly.

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