Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Event at a college in Ontario shows intolerance of any elitism or individualism from the far Left

Lauren Chen, on Blaze TV’s Pseudo Intellectual channel, covered the protests at the event in Hamilton Ontario where Maxime Bernier and David Rubin were to speak, at Mohawk college.
As everyone has heard, there was a lot of controversy.  David Rubin offered to foot the ten-fold increase in security.  Maxime represents the People’s Party, which in Canada is said to be center-right and libertarian, no relation to the old People’s Party in the US in the 1970s associated with Benjamin Spock.

One of the protesters said “an injury to one is an injury to all”.

But there was little intellectual logic in what the people said, a lot of feelings.

Outside the event, an elderly woman was harassed by protesters and called a “neo-Nazi” as she crossed the street (Timcast account).  She had nothing to do with the event. That seems to be part of combative Far Left strategy, to call everyone an “enemy” of their own solidarity indeed something very bad, with no regard to facts. David Rubin says in another long video that we need “bravery” to fight cancel culture.

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