Wednesday, October 16, 2019

EFF director has major op-ed about Section 230 in New York Times

Elliot Harmon, activism director for the New York Times, has a big op-ed in the New York Times today, to the effect that changing (or largely eliminating) Section 230 would cater to the big tech companies. 
It’s true, just as with the EU Copyright Directive, that the big tech companies have the scale to adjust.  But probably they would not allow a lot of people to continue posting non-ephemeral or self-branding content, and would impose some sort of informal social credit system as to whom they would invite to “publish” – they would become publishers and be frank about that’s how it is now and that this is not for everyone, you would have to earn the right to be heard for yourself if you didn’t want to pick a mob to join and obey.

Tim Pool explains why he has multiple channels, in a way that similar to my having multiple blogs. He is talking about “social engineering” from the corporatized Left  -- which I personally think has something to do with wanting to compel people to join groups and take sides rather than act on their own – it’s easier to deal with groups, but the alternative could be social credit systems.

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