Friday, October 04, 2019

Another assessment of YouTube's winners and losers

Mark Ledwich has a valuable Medium article today “The Winners and Losers of YouTube’s Conspiracy Crackdown”.

The title says it, purveyors of conspiracy theories are the losers.  (Yup – David Hogg – both of them as I follow two of them – were born on terra firma.  Although Alex Jones and even Laura Ingraham were paying David Hogg #1 a compliment by spreading the idea that everybody needed to fear him as if he were a god.) 

Well, it’s mostly deep-state theories (Steve Bannon) that lost out.

The left-center-right balance seems to be about correct, Lewich says, if you factor out extremism. But he notes that some individual creators (David Pakman particularly) seem more objective in their commentary than the corporate media that advertisers trust – Pakman, Tim Pool, etc are losing out to MSNBC and Fox. 

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