Monday, September 02, 2019

US military will take on "fake news": Oh, really?

Now the US military is going to launch covert operations to identify and suppress fake news?  That’s what Pete Norman reports on Bloomberg, and Tim Pool picks up on it.

Bloomberg’s analysis (paywall) leads to a “quick take” story by Sarah Frier of Russian fake-news meddling.  It leads to the perspective that Russia was more interested in creating social divisions between “elites” and “proles” than actual US policy.  It was trying to encourage populism and anti-intellectualism, to weaken the US as an adversary. And an intellectually incompetent candidate hooked on old ideas of power and loyalty won.
It doesn’t appear that the US military can do much about US user generated content.  But I do worry that a US president might be able to use national emergency powers to shut most of it down (with a crippling economic blow) if internal gun-supported insurgency and radicalization reached a critical mass (Book reviews, Jan. 6).
I just subscribed to Bloomberg, introductory start rate that expands – and I see it has multi-user subscriptions.  That’s an interesting concept, but I’m not social enough to use them.  We need to develop bundled paywalls, even for video channels.
NPC has a satirical piece about Tim Pool, and you have to read into it to realize it is a joke. I use a gray Yankee’s cap or a red (MAGA-looking) Nationals cap as a “beanie”.

A Facebook friend has a provocative Intro: "Always take sides: Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim", from Elie Wiesel ("Night", 1960, often taught in high school).  In fact, I would take a moment to read Google's chosen quotes from him.  We'll return to that later. 

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