Friday, September 06, 2019

Trump supporters reported to be raising a slush fund to smear journalists, but the woke Left does the same thing

David Pakman reports that a cabal within Trump’s camp is raising money to target journalists.
While the main targets might be higher profile speakers in large newspapers and liberal networks like CNN and MSNBC, Pakman fear that independent journalists like him might be included.
He says they will go after journalists who go after Trump on issues like his fitness to be in office.
Seriously a few of his gaffes in recent weeks (saying “a lot of stupid things” as Economic Invincibility once said) – like the most recent one about Poland – seem to suggest intellectual problems and dementia. Trump was quite clear and lucid with this reasoning, and consistent, with how he ran and spoke in the “board room” on the Apprentice and was generous enough to send one contestant (Troy McClain, who indeed went through an ordeal) to college and pay his tuition.  (Troy also worked for  him in Atlantic City in the mid 2000’s).
Timcast (Tim Pool) is reporting this morning about how far Left cancel culture has created an underground Army of Trump supporters, and also notes the new wave of anti-trust probes against Google and Facebook.  I’ll come back to those. “Black Pidgeon” notes that the Woke Left has turned against ContraPoints, one of their own.

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