Thursday, September 12, 2019

Opposing viewpoints debate in USA Today on nuclear power barely masks bigger problem of power grid security and technology dependence

I’ve written a few pieces on the safety and security of the power grid on various platforms, including one on Medium, which was linked to here on Aug 30, 2018.
USA Today sponsored an “opposing viewpoints” debate on whether nuclear power should continue to be used indefinitely as part of a strategy for climate change, with the newspaper agreeing with Sen. Cory Booker, link here.  The article sublinks to the opposing viewpoint. 
There seems to be a fundamental disagreement as to whether maintaining a power grid with renewable sources without nuclear is possible. 

One could imagine upscaling the responsibility of homeowners and property owners to provide their own power in a decentralized manner with solar panels and turbines, but those might require more raw materials than are realistic.

Taylor Wilson, the scientist at the University of Nevada who built a proof-of-concept fusion reactor as a teenager, has advocated small underground mini fission reactors as a strategy until fusion is possible.  It appears that such a strategy could make the nation much more immune to possible EMP warfare in the future, even in dealing with enemies like North Korea.

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