Thursday, September 26, 2019

David Rubin apparently gets an interview in Canada "cancelled" after overblown ("communist") claims that his work "radicalizes" extremists (then, does mine??)

David Rubin reports that his invitation to a debate event at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario was rescinded over “threats”, resembling on the surface a situation with the Minds conference in Philadelphia at the end of August.

The Daily Wire reports (Hank Berrier) here about supposed threats from “antifa”.  The Spec says that the college should have declined to host Maxime Bernier because of supposed “Peoples Party” extremism.

I can remember “spying” on (Benjamin Spock’s) Peoples Party of New Jersey in late 1972, and it was indeed very radical, with an undertone of threatening violence. (Note below:  Apparently Bernier is a libertarian speaker after all, note the update.)

David Rubin doesn’t seem to have made a YouTube video about this incident yet, but he made a strong video yesterday about “cancel culture”.

This video is a “part 1” so he may intend a “part 2” explaining the cancellation.
Tim Pool sees this as a kind of “information warfare”, to spread smears by mob rule in order to prevent debate and cause a collapse that would lead to socialism or outright communism. Note how Tim describes Ford Fischer's work in reply to a charge from the Left that it is "alt-lite.
 I've noticed memes and tweets recently from some young adults who think it is cool to "do socialism".  History repeats itself. 
 Neil McFarquhar weighs in on the memes issue in the New York Times today.
 Update: Sept 27:

 David Rubin describes the cancellation of the college appearance to Tucker Carlson. 

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