Sunday, September 15, 2019

8chan testifies before Congress Homeland Security committee, is moderating extremist content during incidents but not quickly enough

Drew Harwell and Timothy McLaughlin describe (in the Washington Post Business section Sunday) former helicopter maintenance man Jim Watkins, now the “face behind” 8chan, cut off by Cloudflare and everyone else after the New Zealand, Poway, and especially El Paso attacks by extremist gunmen who seem steeped particularly in and end-of-world “replacement” ideology.

Yet Watkins claims his site was designed for anyone afraid to talk publicly about anything, including LGBTQ.

It’s also true that tech companies are quick to sever ties with sites when they have the reputation of attracting extremists under the “free speech” mantra when they have been deplatformed by larger sites. 

We saw that with Gab after the Pittsburgh incident – and Gab could not possibly have known in time that the shooter was “going in.”

We saw that fiasco with Subscribestar at the end of 2018.

The combativeness of the new Left – which in a way is very understandable to me – is big on guilt by association.

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