Monday, August 19, 2019

New York Times LTE's suggest that journalism is public service and could be supported by philanthropy

The New York Times has useful LTE’s today to a weekend (Aug 4) column “A Future Without a Front Page” (Steve Waldman, Charkes Sennott) which describes local journalism as national service, with an effort called “Report for America”. This is certainly interesting, and it may be an opportunity I should look into given my current circumstances, described before.

One of the LTE’s says that philanthropy should support journalism.  It discusses the Charles F. Revson Foundation

Another, noting Youngstown, Ohio’s loss of a paper (I was recently there, or in Warren) suggests that laws need to change to make it easier for newspapers to become non-profits.
Again, I have worked, “for free”, almost, on my own in retirement and even I am “accused” of low-balling non-profits and professional journalists.  That is one of the reasons for what is going on in the EU with the Copyright Directive, same model.  On the other hand, consider the open access debate (Saturday).

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