Thursday, August 22, 2019

Facebook still has unintended bias (against conservatives) from living inside its own "Klein bottle" bubble

Senator Jon Kyl (T-AZ) has issued a “Covington Interim Report” concerning Facebook’s internal audit of whether it is biased against conservatives.  Note that the PDF was uploaded to a subsite – interesting to know that this can be done.  
Much of the apparent censorship seems circumstantial.  Well-intended policies to limit bullying, or to discourage the streaming of violent acts or hate, may be more likely to affect some conservatives in today’s political climate. Some of the content moderation would be viewed as acceptable under normal interpretation of Section 230.

For example, showing medical tubes attached to bodies would allow pro-life groups to present some additional material.

Politico describes the report in an article by Steven Overly. 

Politico mentions the non-profit “Color of Change”, as critical of FB for not recognizing hidden, stochastic dangers really dependent on race. I generally don’t get involved with groups that try to claim enhanced group-level oppression and focus on groups and not individuals.
Jon Kyl also has an article in the Wall Street Journal Wednesday, “Why conservatives don’t trust Facebook”. 
Facebook is so deeply in its pseudo-theological bubble that it can’t see out of it. “Bias doesn’t mean intent”.

I do think the issue I ran into in the fall of 2018 promoting my article on the power grid on my Facebook page had something to do with the belief it was “conservative”.  Also the prodding to run fundraisers for non-profits.

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