Thursday, August 29, 2019

A note about the sustainability of my self-publishing (web, book, music)

It’s time to take stock of where I am, and where things stand.

I have turned 76 recently.  I am indeed concerned that if something medical (or worse) were to happen unexpectedly, I would not be able to maintain my sites and media, and they would have to be taken down, never to return again. So it’s necessary for the content in itself to “pay for itself” in the sense that others can use it and show recognition (like, preferably, paying). The “doaskdotell” domain would expire Dec. 2, 2021 (in 27 months) so I’ve more or less announced that as a drop-dead date for me to be involved in social and political commentary – unless I can work with another company or group.  And indeed there may be some opportunities, one of which I expect to explore this weekend and probably in the early fall.

Let me re-iterate what I have going on besides politics.  I do have a screenplay, in a science fiction setting (like inside an O’Neill cylinder near Titan) that reiterates, in backstories, the main events of the “do ask do tell” books.  I have a novel (social sci-fi) called ‘Angel’s Brother” which is fully written and which I am analyzing on a database (see Books blog today).  And I have some musical compositions, piano, including a couple of pretty big ones, which I can put into performable shape according to some recent advances in composition software (Apple, Sibelius), and the trade war with China could get in the way.

I expect to have the novel in presentable form for format third part editing by the end of 1Q 2020, and significant music in performable shape by the end of 2Q 2020.

That could mean that at some point I don’t touch politics.  Well, do I volunteer?  (Can actual service be separated from proselytizing and fund raising?)  Do I support causes in a public way through organizations?  There are some political theories that say that individualized speech must always be accompanied by willingness to cooperate in group action, even protests, if necessary. Otherwise democracy gets hollowed out and left to the extremes, which is what is going on.  I have not been very responsive to the many pleas I get all the time, partly because they are often so narrow and so tribal, and partly because there are so many of them.  But non-profits work this way (begging for solidarity in order to get matching funds) because they have to, and they are hollowing out with all the tribalism.

The best way, moving forward, to remain involved in issue might be getting third-party companies to publish op-ed’s by me on topics that stress lesser known facts or solutions to problems and stay away from parties and candidates (and away from both Trump-bashing and OAC-bashing).  These might be topics like power grid security or some aspects of climate change.  Or they might have to do with aspects of history (that is LGBT, the early Internet and early censorship) that I have some specific experience with.  For example activists have already forgotten the history of “don’t ask don’t tell” for gay soldiers in general in fight Trump’s transgender ban today. Another example would involve exploring the possibility of citizen sponsorship to help alleviate the immigration border crisis, but then could I follow through myself with actually doing it?  I actually looked at it in 2016-2017 and it didn’t quite happen.  I wound up selling a house.
(Posted: Thursday, August 29, 2019 at 6 PM EDT)

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