Monday, July 15, 2019

YouTube tech channel explains why Google is not really a social media company

Today, TechAltar explains Google’s social media app failures.

We all remember that Google+ was deprecated and removed much sooner than expected, in the spring of this year.

The speaker believes that Google is very good with scaling up basic utilities, but not with building social networks where there is business or possibly political value in the digital map of user’s social circles.  The way they handled their internal workplace values and fired James Damore leads to the impression that they have a superficial understanding of progressive and modern liberal values. 

Facebook had been doing this big time for at least four years when Google+ started and had naïve ideas about concentric or overlapping social circles.

Facebook has been prodding its users to interact, even to the point of begging them to run fundraisers for non-profits on their own accounts.

YouTube is a social network inasmuch as it uses subscription and likes and comments, but it does not prod users to interact.  Blogger originally had some of the attributes of a social network with the follower concept but now that is rather unimportant.

A true social network now is more like Snapchat, which is predicated on quick moving ephemeral communications, which Facebook says it wants to move to.

Being much older, I don’t like to conduct some kinds of personal relationships on responsive social media (like dating).  I am not in a position to ask people go “give money” to a cause because I said so. I don’t like for people to test me to see how far I will go with certain problematic situations that many people will face.

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