Sunday, July 14, 2019

Why social media companies (especially Facebook) prod introverts to change

Bostwiki has another controversial video, “The Collapse of Digital Media … Is Coming”.
He talks about the experiences of a company called “Now This”. 

He says that Facebook right now carries more weight in the digital advertising revenue world than does YouTube (despite the attention to YouTube’s recent demonetizations).

He also says that three years ago, view counts were king and the industry notion was typically a 3-second view.  Now for FB at least it is a ten-second view, with some attention to videos watched to completion.

But more important, especially for Facebook, is sharing of videos with others and secondary engagement.

That’s the business reason, he says, that social media companies try to get users to build concentric or overlapping social circles, and it is even the reason some investment in the ideology of “intersectionality” (as odious at is to liberarians and individualists) makes business sense for them. 

That may be another reason we see users being prodded to take action, ask for likes, or even run fund-raisers for non-profits or causes under their own names. Activity brings revenue, so sociability matters. That’s why Facebook, especially, seems to be waging war on Introverts and trying to change social norms and expectations when people should involve themselves personally with the needs of others.
I wonder what Pakman would think of this. Of maybe John Fish -- this certainly matters to the "attention economy". 

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