Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Tim Pool invited to White House social media summit; big Tech favors presenting mainstream media to viewers because independent media is more conservative

Tim Pool reports that he has been invited to a social media summit at the White House on Thursday, July 11, 2019.

Pool, toward the end of this video, refers to the Pakman video presented yesterday. Pool reasons that big Tech thinks that since independent media is more likely to be conservative than legacy mainstream media, social media companies can help steer the 2020 elections toward Democrats by reducing the visibility of independent media, even though there are exceptions (Pakman himself steers center-Left).

Furthermore, right wing voices don’t like to work together, protest, show “solidarity” and work with established non-profits.  They generally don’t organize as well as the left (Trump in a way was an unusual exception in 2016 with the help of foreign interference). So silencing them individually tends to silence them collectively.

Pool gives some analysis of the removal of his video about Pinterest, as motivated by favoritism at YouTube, when other similar videos discussing “identities” of people involved in payment processor bans were not banned for privacy reasons.

Pool and Pakman are very principled. The point out that some of the executives at big Tech do not understand how far Left they are, and don’t get that normal conservatism is not fascism.
In the meantime , Carlos Maza is now attacking capitalism itself – which has served him well.

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