Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Ted Cruz introduces a resolution to label Antifa as a terrorist-organization, and this is a dangerous step; the asymmetry of activism on left v right

Truthout is running one of its panic campaigns to see donations, and they do this all the time, so it’s hard to believe.  (Well, that’s what activists do, isn’t it – beg and demand; am I an activist, or a journalist?)

I do support a few video channels (mostly “libertarian” and centrist – like Pakman’s, Pool’s, etc).  
I’ve also suggested before that industry needs to set up a way to bundle paywalls so you can conveniently pay for multiple newspapers or video channels at much lower costs (they used to sell magazines this way).

Some of their articles seem to urge socialism and the end of capitalism, which I won’t support, but some of their articles have a lot of substance and need an answer.  Here is one op-ed by Spencer Sunshine, “Ted Cruz’s ‘Antifa Are Terrorists’ Resolution Seeks to Stifle the Left”, with Senate Resolution S 279 link.

Okay, it is dangerous for the government to label organizations as “terrorist”, I agree, it is possible to jump to all kinds of conclusions.

But private tech companies want to “libel” organizations as “dangerous” (on the right) and even individuals, in a few cases without solid evidence. Facebook, for example.  And Truthout wants to start a “Make a racist cry” campaign.  What if someone is labeled a "racist" on flimsy claims merely by distant "association".  (It was that way for homosexuals before Stonewall a half century ago.)

No, I don’t believe in going around labeling people “racist” simply because they have sometimes associated socially with other people thought of that way, or because they seem indifferent to demands for group solidarity and activism from the left.

Yet, I sometimes wonder, when do citizens have an obligation to stop writing and filming (claiming “Swedish” neutrality) and join in protesting, even at risk to themselves. “Extinction Rebellion” has been making that claim at the Capitol this week.

(Oh, superglue can make an embarrassing sacrificial depilatory for men.)

I got an angry tweet that pretty much explains why the far Left has a right to make demands of people even like me, and that I should take my “both sides bullshit” elsewhere (Trump’s “fine people on both sides”). There’s a typo in the tweet;  the last “and” should be an “if”.  A lot of visitors liked her tweet.

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