Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Subverse (Tim Pool's) invites investors in a crowdfunding drive; could I fold myself into it?

Subverse, an independent media company founded (at least in large part) by Tim Pool is doing a crowdfunding campaign today, which you can participate at this link
It appeared to need a bank draft escrow, which will draw later.  The minimum share is $100 (making total purchase $108).  You can post a public message to other investors when you purchase at least one share.  I did the $100 today.

I wanted to take a moment to note that most of my online content (outside social media sites) is in three segments:  Blogger (16 blogs, since 2006), Wordpress (4 blogs, since 2016), and the legacy flat site, to which no new content is normally added, but which houses many older movie, book, and drama/music reviews as well as some older essays, and the text of my books.  (There is also Minds.)  I do get criticism for the lack of obvious “transparency” and the amateurishness of not being able to put everything in one format. I could say that is what fundraising for new sites is about.  I stay out there, and don’t “play ball” with others in the community.  But I keep on playing my own game.  Right now, there is no other game.

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