Monday, July 01, 2019

Rundown of how people make money on YouTube: the 5 ways, and none are easy money

With all these questions about YouTube business models, I thought I would share a late 2017 article from the BBC’s Evan Edinger on five ways YouTubers make money. This will be like a college physics recitation. 
There’s probably room in the economy for maybe a hundred or so people to make a good living off YouTune alone, for all the complaints about censorship and YouTube’s recent collaring of independent channels (June 28) and all the recent purges of polarizing political content.

It’s really hard to make a lot of money as an ad partner; the ad space is auctioned automatically every time a viewer looks.

Patronage works for a lot of people – until the Patreon scandals erupted in late 2018. I personally don’t like the idea of giving money to a speaker with the idea that “they” speak for me because I cannot speak for myself (which I can).
I like the idea of bundled subscriptions and even bundled patronage.

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