Tuesday, July 16, 2019

PragerU podcaster explains how she became "Dangerous": a "conflict of interest" tale in my past terminology

Nancy Rommelmann tells a story for PragerU, “How to Become a Dangerous Person”.  The title of the video seems to refer to Facebook’s recent tagging of “dangerous individuals and organizations”, sometimes without solid evidence. Or the word might refer to Milo Yiannopoulos’s book and publishing company (in Miami, I think).

This particular story reflects my concerns over “workplace speech conflict of interest” that I had taken up in 2000 (copy of my essay here).

She started a podcast near the end of 2018 called “#MeNeither”.  She questioned the idea that men accused of sexual crimes should always be presumed guilty, and said that every case has to be looked at its own merits (as with Kavanaugh in 2017).
Her husband’s coffee business in Portland OR was targeted and advertisers and suppliers ran way from him, terrorized by the heckler mob on the far Left.  Of course, as we know, Portland has had real problems controlling "Antifa" and recently had the serious injury to journalist Andy Ngo -- after she had her own run-in.  Call this heckling behavior tribalism and anti-individualism on steroids. 

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