Saturday, July 20, 2019

House has major anti-trust hearing regarding big Tech companies July 16; Subverse channel reports

Subverse has a major video explaining the Antitrust scrutiny hearings before the House of Representatives on Tuesday July 16.

CNBC Television has the full 3+ hour video here

A major idea is that even the subsidiaries of Facebook (like WhatsApp and Instagram) would be powerful on their own.

Another idea is that breaking up the companies would not solve all the privacy problems, which more related from the business models themselves.

Lior Leser (YouTuberLaw) has a complaint before the Federal Trade Commission regarding possible collusion among payment processors and platforms last winter in conjunction with Patreon.

The idea of network neutrality was mentioned in the meetings, along with the idea that telecom companies might soon start to feel emboldened to charge more for premium services affordable only to really big companies already.
There has not been another social media startup since 2011 with SnapChat, which I don’t use.

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