Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Andy Ngo's attack: tribal combativeness threatens rule of law and complicates individual morality with "blame the victim" mentality

The Sinclair Broadcast Group, on its owned sites including WJLA-7 in Washington DC (Arlington VA) has offered an explanation as to why journalist Andy Ngo as attacked by an Antifa group in Portland, here

Sinclair (with some deliberation) points out that Ngo is an established journalist who has written for the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, National Review, and Spectator (the last name is ironic). What would happen if a journalist or commentator is "self-appointed" and walks into a fray like this remains a troubling question ("skin in the game" or "no spectators" or "Burning Man" moral logic).  But even self-created journalists sell footage to major outlets (I've had footage run after a terror attack in NYC in 2016 but not been paid or sold it).  So what this would mean for me is a good question -- another post. I could not just claim victimhood if something happened. 
It is particularly significant that Ngo came from a reasonably prosperous South Vietnamese family which was expropriated and forced into a labor camp by the Viet Cong during the latter part of the Vietnam war, in the early 1970s.

Ngo is a gay journalist whose outlook seems “conservative” because most of his life has had to deal with communism. You wouldn’t think it unusual for a gay person who came here from Communist China and took to our freedoms to become “conservative” in the good (not identarian-right) sense.

Carlos Maza might be right in maintaining that as a whole the press is preoccupied with fringe groups, but this incident is truly harrowing.  Furthermore, at least in Portland in some other cities, the group is extremely combative and determined to “make things right” by revolutionary force.  This sounds like Russia in 1917.

He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, which could lead to complications later although it seems to be resolving.

He left his helmet at home. Ford Fischer often has worn a helmet and has experienced tear gas.

I am perplexed at the police indifference.

There has been controversy over whether the milkshake had the cement compound.

What happened to the rule of law?

Here is a Washington Examiner op-ed that talks about opinion journalism. 

Ali Breland, however, questions the facts about the milkshaking in a Mother Jones piece

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