Tuesday, June 18, 2019

YouTube appears ready to ban some subject matter altogether because of user literacy issues

Attorney Viva Frei discusses how one post on his video channel where he discussed the legal details of a deposition related to the lawsuit against Alex Jones by families from Sandy Hook, was removed by YouTube, after first being shadow banned.

Toward the end of the video, Frei admits that some topics might have to be off the table on YouTube and other user generated content in the future. But if so, then a journalist who uses the platform at all might call his own reputation for objectivity into question.

Here is a rather long Twitter thread from this morning. 
I had suggested that I looked at Redicetv and didn’t see anything obviously w.s., just normal conservatism.

There would occur a couple tweets about the idea that (1) I was willing to give possible hidden or stochastic Nazi-sympathetic sites and YouTube channels the benefit of the doubt in order to protect free speech, but (2) I would not give Carlos Maza the benefit of the doubt in insisting that deliberately anti-gay channels be deplatformed.
The calculation seems to be that with (2) Carlos believes that some material like Crowder’s will tempt “enemies” or unstable people to attack more vulnerable LGBT people (trans and fluid and low-income and POC), even though the same people probably don’t threaten me as someone who is better off. Protecting human life takes a higher priority than protecting individualized free speech.  But if this is true, individuals like me must become more comfortable with functioning as parts of groups than on their own.

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