Sunday, June 16, 2019

Pinterest creates "privacy claim" risk for bloggers criticizing them (over pro-life position)

I won’t try to give all the details of the Pinterest mess. 

But a pro-life whistleblower was fired, after Pinterest marked a pro-choice group as “porn” internally and he exposed it, and then a Project Veritas video on the matter was removed for a “privacy violation” regarding one of the employees (???)  Even Tim Pool’s video on the same was removed for showing a clip from that violation.

There were also claims that the “privacy” violation was simply reporting someone’s name from a news story, as if any blog post which does that could be taken down, even if the name had been disclosed in an article already linked to.

A right-to-life argument ought to be in favor of abolishing Selective Service, for moral consistency.

I sometimes see anti-abortion demonstrators in front of an office building in Falls Church VA on Lee Highway.

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