Sunday, June 09, 2019

Discovery process in Damore lawsuit could have implications for social media; a new bill balances traditional media to big tech

As I got home from Pride last night, I found this interesting video from Tim Pool, that Google will have to go through discovery for a lawsuit from James Damore over bias in its employment practices.

It is certainly correct that “conservatives” are not a protected class (although in immigration law political belief is a social group, interesting distinction).  I don’t personally like doing things by protected class.  But that’s part of what the 14th Amendment means as applied today.

The important point is that discovery will examine Google’s and YouTube’s business models. This could call into question many of their products and how user-generated content is monetized further, even on this platform (Blogger), where I have concerns over the long term. 
Pool noted the problems of depending on ads to pay for content, and suggested making big tech platforms "utilities" where you pay for metered use.
 I have suggested "bundled paywalls" and there is some evidence coming my way that this idea (needing funding for a startup) is getting attention. 
CNN this morning mentioned a new bill “HR 2054” a “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act”, which reverses previous anti-trust law and allows local newspapers to bargain collectively with large tech companies. There will be hearings in the House soon on this. CNN noted today.  The News Media Alliance has promoted it.  The group notes that today only 20% of revenue for newspapers comes from subscription (down from what used to be) and that dependence on advertisers is getting precarious for newspapers just as for tech sites, as it is easily manipulated by extremist activists. 

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