Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley proposes eradicating social media sites, especially Facebook

A story in the Verge by Casey Newton (“The Interface”) notes that Facebook’s bias is not, as Ted Cruz tried to establish with April hearings, against conservatives, but toward the extremes. 

That’s partly because of clickbait and algorithms.  But it’s also true that the far Left is more likely to pressure for the removal of people who are relatively centrist and less conservative but who somehow behave with some sort of personal antipathy to some minorities (like Milo).

But Thursday Missouri Senator Josh Hawley that social media companies should be eradicated entirely because of their attention addiction economy. Jason Koebler of Vice Motherboard reports

USA Today published his op-ed here.  He called the sites "parasites" like a true Marxist revolutionary from 1917. 
  He talks about other things that could have been done with this talent “for the common good”.  That sounds like China.  I don’t need pundits telling me that I should spend time with personal relationships with people my own age, rather than distant admiration.  That gets into Cal Newport’s book on digital minimalism (and his interview with David Pakman) which I’ll look at soon.  Pakman has himself suggested that he may give up social media “forever”.

I thought Timcast would have a video about this by now.  Harvard undergraduate John Fish is writing a book about the “attention economy” and this idea would get his attention.

There were proposals in the past that Myspace should be banned.  My book review blog has a relevant article May 25, 2008, or an Opposing Viewpoints book from Greenhaven (Roman Espejo), June 5, 2008, “Should Social Networking Sites Be Banned?

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