Sunday, May 19, 2019

Far Left says that silence about enemies is not enough; you must make them into pariahs

The Huffington Post runs a bizarre piece by Andy Campbell, “Conservatives Upset ‘The Good Fight’ Wants You to Punch Nazis.”

Emily Elkins of the Cato Institute reports a late 2017 study “The State of Free Speech and Tolerance in America”.

Tim Pool does one of his longer pieces, 20 minutes, on the way the radical Left is coming to see the use of force as appropriate to get a “tribal win” and to force the Overton window way from individualism.  Even silence about enemies is not enough.  You must denounce them.  I'm taken aback by how persons like Milo or Laura Loomer have become untouchables. 

Individual speech is seen as a grab for power because oppressed groups are verily threatened and need the solidarity of everyone to protect their most vulnerable members.  

I haven't even looked at the milkshake issue. 
"They" (the far Left) have no principles of “liberty” or conventional liberalism.  They want to see everyone put in their right place, where there own tribe is caught right now.

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