Saturday, May 25, 2019

CNN reports on worker falsely smeared for "racism" on the job by a misleading viral video

John Blake on CNN reports on a young woman who was smeared online with contrived posts after she, working for a Chipotle on St. Paul MN, refused service to misbehaving African-American men in the store she worked at before the end of a shift.  She was called “racist” when she is PoC herself (which is not obvious).  The men apparently conspired to make up a story about her on social media.

She was fired, and offered her job back when the company found out about the libel.

The article discusses three problems: confirmation bias, mob vengeance mentality, and the lack of inclination of individuals to question the tribe.

A similar problem occurred with the Covington Boys in January when the mainstream media misinterpreted a video fragment.

I am not sure how the mob knew her name or identity but the article reports that it is a common setup to make a viral video of someone behaving in a way that appears racist at first glance.

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