Saturday, May 11, 2019

Chris Hughes slams Zuck as too powerful; Facebook wants you to be more social again; Pool announces changes

OK, Chris Hughes calls out Mark Zuckerberg as “too powerful”.  My reaction on Twitter is to challenge Chris to run for president himself and enter the crowd of Dem’s.  He’s 35 now.  OK, he might be the ultimate elitist and perfectionist, and want to get everything right in a workplace sent. Obama tried.

Here is Chris’s NYTimes piece 

Here is CNN’s account 

Zuckerberg, in his desire to make Facebook truly “social” now suggests a secret crush feature.
OK, at 75, I have a problem with being expected to interact with people online on “their terms”. I hope that even being considered for “secret crush” is an opt-in, only.
Likewise, I have a problem with being prodded to run public fundraisers for true organizations, as if they had the power to exact tribute for my speech.

Tim Pool today talked about his own changes and gives as thorough an account of what’s wrong with social media as anyone.

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