Thursday, May 09, 2019

Carlos Maza explains why he thinks some ideas and speakers should be "quarantined" by journalists

Carlos Maza, who makes the “Strikethrough” videos for Vox (one of his best was an interview with David Hogg) gave a Ted Talk at CUNY in New York City April 5, 2019, “How ‘neutrality’ is making us dumber”.

He seems to be challenging the idea that journalists must always be objective and present all sides and be neutral about them.

He discusses explicitly the challenges to accepted science on vaccines and on climate change. He maintains that constantly giving deniers a platform enables many people in the general public to excuse themselves from doing what they need.  He mentions the use of the word “autism”.

He really does not get into the more controversial social issues about race, gun control, gender roles and fluidity, in the talk, however. 

Yet, he has said on Twitter that sometimes some speakers should be “quarantined”. 

In an article about why some parents don’t vaccinate, Jennifer Reich reports that hyperindividualism is a problem.  Parents really do think only about their own lineage.  But by vaccinating your child unless he/she has a well-documented medical issue (rare), you are protecting the child of another parent where there is an issue.

But this kind of thinking extends.  Should people without kids be expected to be prepared to take care of or raises other relative’s children after tragedies or unforeseen problems?   Is it mandatory to have someone’s back?
You could have given examples of this kind of thinking in the early days of the AIDS epidemic when it was “amplified” so rapidly within the gay male community.

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