Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Are tech companies playing "guilt by association" to wall-off right-wing speakers?

On May 6, Laura Chen of Blaze TV channel made a video about “Big Tech censorship” that explains particularly well the greasy, oily slope of big tech’s censorship and de-platformings, most of all the Facebook Purge 4.0 on May 2.

She does not regard any of the persons banned as extremists in the traditional sense. She makes particular note of the idea that the reasons mentioned for banning several of the people included association with other extremists, and that very little had to do with TOS violations on Facebook itself.

She also reviewed the history of the Patreon problems (“manifest observable benavior”) last winter.
She seems to believe that the intention of the platforms is to weaken conservative presence on the platforms so as to guarantee that Trump cannot win in 2020, and that right wing and EU separatist candidates cannot win in Europe.

This is a sign of increasing political combativeness of the far Left.

This does not seem to be racist or sexist (or even religious) so much as it is anti-individualist or anti-meritocratic or anti-objectivist, and wants to re-impose the control of the group, but the alt-right wants to do that, too.

Tim Pool and David Pakman did a combined livestream tonight, which I’ll get into tomorrow on Wordpress.  There was a lot of discussion of whether Section 230 excuses platforms from civil rights laws – it does not directly, but it would free them from disparate impact concerns.

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