Monday, April 15, 2019

Twitter reported to delete news about piracy to "protect" companies; demanding that others "join you" compromises their own speech

Tim Pool now reports of Twitter taking down a tweet that didn’t break its rules but that reported on a pirated leak from Starz with a hyperlink (from TorrentFreak).

The tweet contained now copyright infringement and neither did the linked story, but it was unfavorable information about the company. The linked story might have contained incidental images but this is normal fair use to report facts.

It is possible to be guilty of copyright infringement if you intentionally link to material you know is infringing, especially for embeds.  In the US, litigation over these incidents is rare.  You wonder what will happen in the EU with the recent Directive.

You could wonder too about blog posts (or even tweets linking to them) that give away endings to books or movies – that doesn’t matter to me but it does to some people.

I also want to note a disturbing trend of some people on Twitter, many of whom I like, to say thinks like, “If you don’t stand overtly against white supremacy you stand with it.”  Two problems:  there are other things to stand against (like radical Islam). Agreed, the particularly problem mentioned in the tweet  is unusually clandestine. The other is the implication is that “my” individualized” speech could be taken down if I won’t join somebody else’s movement first.  That would undermine the integrity of all critical speech. That’s why I don’t like to see Facebook prodding people to “add buttons” to raise money for non-profits under their own names.  That erases the integrity of individualized or independent reporting and implies somebody subsidized it. This can really pull persons (like me) at least down into rabbit holes. 
And, of course, the Left’s answer is “you don’t experience our oppression.”

Update:  later today

Now Katherine Trendacosta reports that an Electronic Frontier Foundation tweet reporting the article was taken down with a DMCA "takedown" under safe harbor.  EFF has sent a counterclaim. Katherine Trendacosta reports

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