Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Trump engages "The Church of Jack Dorsey" in a personal meeting with Twitter CEO; is Facebook on the ropes?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was expected to have a private meeting with President Donald Trump today, as reported in a story by Joseph Cox et al Tuesday in Motherboard Vice, here

While some reports mentioned the opioid crisis as a topic, it’s pretty obvious that Twitter’s apparent bias against conservatives will come up.  Dorsey may want to flag Trump tweets that break Twitter rules and allow them to be seen, as hinted in a Twitter blog post

Tim Pool reported the story on his own tweet stream today. Recently, Pool had interviewed Dorsey in detail himself in a livestream.

Wade Roush, in a brief article on p. 28 of the May 2019 Scientific American (paywall) warns in an article “Turning off the Emotion Pump”,  predicts that Facebook will “wither” without revenue from reinforcing visitor emotions from algorithms, and we’ll never have a comparable platform.  But, just to stay connected on a personal level, we don’t need one.  Zuckerberg seems to get into deeper trouble, with some loose talk of criminal investigations now, as well as personal civil liability (WPost story on FTC fine). .

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