Monday, April 22, 2019

More on digital wallets

I expect to get to setting this up tomorrow, but here is another video on the easiest way to set up an Ethereum Wallet, and then move your digital  money around afterward, from iMineBlocks.

The speaker did it on a MacBook and says he had trouble doing this with Safari, so he used Chrome on the MacBook.

I noticed that when you want to be paid in Ethereum and store it in you wallet, it has to be “mined” first.

Here is a supplementary video on the five “best” wallets, three of them on smartphone only, and some of them work only with bitcoin. 

Update: April 23

I went through the procedure at myehterwallet.   The MEW method seemed to be available only on a smart phone (only IOS and Android OS).  I had to use the software method ("not recommended').  Ot created a "Keystore JSON" file which it downloaded into "downloads" on windows 10.  I saved the file and public key on an offsite thumb drive and printed it, and put in a safe deposit box.  It looks like a need to download an app to open it, as it seems to be openable only on the smart phone (iPhone).  But you can also copy the wallet address (like from a text file) into a space in the key method.  Not recommended unless you think your laptop is very secure -- or you have very little funds. (So far that's true).  But I think you have to use the private key method on Minds or Steemit.  I will try soon. . 

Update: April 25

Having a lot of trouble getting funds to move to the wallet.  The wallet address (43 hex bytes) is not the private key (implied by the product code).  It never actually showed me a private key.  Did another wallet on the phone with MEW, which works only on the phone in mobile operating systems, requires you to install the MEW app. 

Then on either the phone or computer (separately) you have to verify with a driver's license or passport and personal photo (which wouldn't take properly on the phone, but did on a computer).  

Not sure you to tell the Coinbase send function (under accounts) your private key or show it the bar code yet,  Demo videos don't quite match what really happens.  The Myetherewallet is supposed to show up in Chrome as a tab to get to the wallet address but doesn't.  Not sure how to finish this, will let you keep track of your tokens off the blockchain, however. 

Update: April 27

I summarized my latest efforts on Minds here

More references:  Ethereum   Mycrypto  Coincentral

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