Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Harvard professor explains Leftist attack on free speech; Twitter ponders conceptual changes

Twitter is announcing some changes, which would include the ability of users to hide replies, which some speakers find necessary because of the hostile tone of many speakers.

But Jack Dorsey is reported to want to introduce the idea of following a “topic” as well as (or in place if) an account.  Axios reports on this.  Critics already say that could be abused by right wing extremists.

Dorsey’s own blog post is not so specific as to topic, but he indicates he wants to be less dependent on user reporting of abusive content.

Twitter, as reported yesterday, has been accused of being gullible on corporate copyright complaints.

I wanted to share an interesting perspective by Harvey C. Mansfield, a conservative government professor at Harvard, “The Theory Behind My Disinvitation” to speak at a convocation at Concorida University in Montreal.  He goes into a critique of feminism and discusses the earlier theory of expected female modesty (simply promoting a belief system that men needed), to a more provocative analysis of the far Left’s attack on free speech, as a cop-out from the need to accept real popular or group power itself for the “people”.  What he attacks sounds like an element of communism.

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