Thursday, April 04, 2019

CNN notes that white supremacy is much harder for Tech companies to stop online than was ISIS

There is more material on the existential problems that the tech world faces in stopping white supremacy without shutting down free user speech on the Internet, even when compared with similar concerns about ISIS 3-4 years ago. Eliza Mackintosh explains for CN here

This discussion fits in with a longer discussion I gave of “stochastic threats” on Monday.
The problem is partly that the US ethno-right has set up codes words for extremist concepts based on common English phrases and memes.  Similar material in radical Islam is outside normal English language usage.

Furthermore, it is apparent that Donald Trump himself used some of these metaphors in his campaign. Some examples of possible results could include Comet Ping Pong, for example.
But generally the problems are more serious in other western countries outside the US.

There would be a good argument for letting people read the “manifesto” so they learn to recognize the code words better.

When I posted the link to this story on Twitter, the link to it did not expand.  It did on Facebook.

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