Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A day in the mountains, and a chance over-hearing of a politician's luncheon meeting

A quick late-night post before bed.  (I have friends staying up all night, check the end of this post.) 

I took a road day today, through the Massanutten mountains (Route 675 is the alternate Skyline Drive), but I also stopped for lunch in a café in Washington VA.

With a copy of Greene’s “Moral Tribes” on the table, I attracted attention.  At the next table, a local politician was holding a meeting.

He talked about whether most people’s idea of expressing their political views was limited to donating to political campaigns.  Almost like he knew what I write about and recognized me.

He also talked about whether towns could count on volunteer fire departments forever, like in this Texas newspaper article

That raises an interesting question – that voluntarism almost become necessary and mandatory in a metamoral sense, along with traditional fundraising and solidarity, which I have bucked.

Baseball player Bryce Harper had talked about volunteer fire departments one time.

I’ll give a link to a big Washington Post article by Greg Jaffe, “Capitalism In Crisis”. 

Most hyper-socialists (like Non-Compete) see organizing the world as layers of communes, but it’s hard to see how anybody get there.

American Johnson of “NonCompete” takes a stab at it, rather rambling. He is not afraid of the Big C word. 
Also, check News2Share or Ford Fischer tonight on live-streaming from the Venezuelan embassy of a planned eviction of Maduro’s people by the Secret Service.  No URL yet.

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