Thursday, March 21, 2019

Twitter sued by Republican Congressman over shadowbanning of conservative politicians in races; Florida wants to stop Twitter from censoring otherwise lawful speech

Tim Pool is reporting a lawsuit by Devin Nunes against Twitter for bias against conservatives, and reports on a Florida bill to prohibit Twitter from banning people for most legal speech (including what a lot of reactionary Leftists call “hate speech”.

The lawsuit tackles shadowbanning of candidates, which it is claimed gives “The Church of Jack Dorsey” the ability and power to decide elections, toward the Left.

The CNN story is on Nunes here.

The Florida bill would seem likely to contradict federally mandated immunity for Twitter under Section 230.

Miami New Times discusses the bill here.

It’s not so clear that slurs would be protected.

There is another case, in Connecticut, where a lawsuit by families of Sandy Hook victims was revived, but it raises questions over whether states can supersede federal laws or First Amendment considerations (story), and also raises questions about how advertising and other speech are legally connected.  Lior Leser explains here

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