Thursday, March 07, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make Facebook into a super Snapchat?

The Washington Post’s Elizabeth Dwoskin’s has a complete an analysis of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent blogpost that seems to make a future Facebook look more like another Snapchat.  CBS takes a particularly critical view.  And there is Taylor Hatmaker on Tech Crunch

What’s more telling is that Zuckerberg calls this a “privacy-focused vision for social networking.”  He thinks everyone should look at social networking as just that, a personal, privatized tool, no longer as a way to broadcast your own newspaper to the world town square with no “skin in the game”. 

Posts would become ephemeral, at least by default.  I guess they would disappear by some period, like a month or so.  Maybe you wouldn’t see the annual reminders of posts from five years ago. 

But the main thrust would be encryption of messages, which could cause Facebook to be banned in some countries. 
I don’t like the idea of a post or image disappearing immediately, so I have no use for Snapchat right now.  I can see that if I take a picture of the construction at the Ballston Quarter, it doesn’t need to stay up forever, and I can save it myself if I want to keep it.  I have very limited need for structured messaging systems or circles of privacy – that already failed with Google+. 

Gennie Gebhart of EFF writes that Facebook has required 2F authentication for phone numbers of page administrators (since I administer my own, that would sound like a problem because I haven’t used it) but still allows advertisers to find it (and I get a lot of spam calls these days) . This would seem to bring on more of the inappropriate coordinated behavior that has led to purges. 

Also, I would hope that your Page posts would not disappear.  Movie studios, for example, would need their posts for new film releases to stay up a long time.  Same for book authors.

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