Friday, March 22, 2019

EU set to vote on Copyright Directive and Articles 11, 13, and American tech companies won't talk about it yet

The European Union will have a vote on the entire copyright directive the week of May 25, probably early May 27.

Cory Doctorow reiterates all the problems with Articles 11 and 13, and especially how they could affect new platforms and even individual bloggers.
Glyn Moody, a UK journalist, gave further warnings in his blog post on March 3, 2019 here

And Mike Masnick of Tech Dirt now writes that Axel Voss says “maybe that kind of business” (YouTube) shouldn’t exist”. Of course, no one should express themselves online without permission from the authoritarian gatekeepers who tell you your place in life.  That’s China.

The “Save Your Internet” action button in Europe is here

Glyn Moody has an earlier article on the “copyright ratchet”.
What’s most remarkable is that American social media companies and shared hosting platforms haven’t given American (and Canadian. Etc) users a hint as to what to expect if this goes through. 
And it seems that the EU politicians are very determined to test the rest of the world om this, even if this is suicidal for them.  Indeed, the EU might be driving more countries into Brexit-like movements – but the Internet to get them going would be much weaker, so maybe that is their intention.


The Polish vote block is resisting Article 13 and this may be important; Cory Doctorow explains

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