Monday, March 04, 2019

EU may vote on Copyright Directive (Articles 11 and 13) next week to get ahead of possible mass protests

Cory Doctorow at Electronic Frontier Foundation has a newer article explaining resistance to the EU’s planned Article 13, which will inevitably lead to automated filter requirements, link here

The latest objection came from Germany’s data privacy commissioner. 

And Doctorow predicts that in ten years only American companies would be able to run platforms, and would be taking profits away from Europe.  So many European companies realize this is very bad for them. But some of the legacy media companies, which fear lowballing and low coast competition, think that this protectionism will work for them. 

What’s worse is that Glyn Moody, a writer in the UK for Arstechnica, reports that Julia Reda from Germany reports that the EU Parliament wants to do the vote next week (March 11) to get it in before massive protests materialize.  Manfred Weber is being “blamed” for this move. 
If the vote goes through, American social media companies and hosting providers will have to start advising content providers on what they will do.  Simply allow content providers to have their stuff blocked in the EU countries affected?  What happens when you go to Europe?  Use a VPN?  (Maybe you should use it anyway.) 

Update: March 6

I'm thinking that the idea of developing subscription bundles and letting them become intermediaries could help solve Article13 and 11 problems, but then the concept would probably spread to the US. Details to come. 

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