Sunday, March 17, 2019

"DuckDuckGo" search engine explains its business model

I saw an ad for the search engine “DuckDuckGo” this evening and looked into again. 

The company explains its business model as based on keywords in this Quora post

So it doesn’t track what you search for, it tracks search arguments themselves. 

I tried my own “do ask do tell” and “Bills media commentary”.  DuckDuckGo finds them, and on the BMC it adds results from evaluation sites that are not necessarily so good.  One of these is social.easycounter which says it has a “poor description”.  Alexa (keyword research) describes its audience, but there is little information. This is the kind of info BlogTyrant wanted bloggers to learn to tinker with. 

The video discusses “organic searches” and the compendium of outside services that evaluate how visitors react to your site.  It walks through how Google and DuckDyckGo compare with “Is climate change a hoax?” (It is not.) 
Google is said to interfere with results based on social judgment of various content. It is said to eliminate disparaging results (playing gatekeeper) which might interfere with information voters need before an election – and it might be biased against conservatives, so the rumor goes.

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