Friday, February 01, 2019

Zuckerberg gives us "The Facts about Facebook" and it's just "Opinion"

Well, on January 24, 2019, Mark Zuckerberg lectured us on “The Facts About Facebook”, on the WSJ, and was criticized for putting it in a newspaper with a paywall.  he WSJ called it “Opinion” (to please Newsguard, no less).
OK, he said advertisers don’t want to go near hate speech, fake news, obvious manipulations.
For Electronic Frontier Foundation, Gennie Gebhart, Jason Kelley, and Bennett Cyphers wrote a detailed critique of Zuck’s “Opinion”, here, Jan. 25.  The accuse him of talking down to users.  
Instead, they think most ad matching could be done by niche management (a concept similar to what Blogtyrant used to advocate).  And EFF notes Pew Research studies on users who say they prefer not to be categorized with profiles maintained for advertisers. 

Remember that email in 2004 when Zuck said, “dumb f___.  They trusted me.”

But you wouldn’t have Facebook, or user generated content and your own voice at all, without a business model that works.  Oh, yes, Facebook’s profits went right back up.

Facebook has recently tried to discourage political posts and actually urged users to run their own fundraisers, a concept that would present a conflict of interest with citizen journalism.

In the meantime, Google-plus closes April 2. 2019.

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