Friday, February 22, 2019

Major advertisers demand YouTube crack down on some normally legitimate but edgy content, creating "Adopocalyse"

Tim Pool has new videos on the problem that YouTube is demonetization of channels, or at least some videos on channels, because of the content of comments.  This gives enemies the ability to get channels demonetized by deliberately trolling them.  This is called “Adpocalypse”. 

The video below is the second of these so far. Pool says he will not disable comments for now (although he seemed to threaten to last night on Twitter).  The first had said "This is going to be bad".  Like a "process piece". 

Several companies (like ATT) have pulled advertising from YouTube until it removes all “offensive” content.  But what is that?  Some people have complained about minors being shown in gymnastics, because some people view it as “pornography”.  (Is legitimate view wrestling videos with college students as homoerotic?)  Advertisers complain about ads showing up physically adjacent to edgy content, and there is nothing that can be done about this. 

YouTube has also said it will ban videos which spread “conspiracy theories”, but has had to restore videos in few cases where the allegations turned out to be true (Covington and now Smollett teach us some lessons about jumping to conclusions).  Lior Lesig includes the rule in a tweet

We’ve noted that in Europe Articles 11 and 13 seem to be driven by a desire of legacy media to have protection from low cost competition from “amateur” or small media. The same seems to be happening here, as many interests are trying to destroy YouTube monetization by playing the inappropriate content card – something that in the legal world Safe Harbor and Section 230 are supposed to handle.

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