Monday, February 25, 2019

If you want to join and blog on a site tied to cryptocurrency, there are some steps to go through first

Today, I started looking at the Minds site (Tim Pool and Ford Fischer have put a lot of stuff on it recently), and went to the wallet link.  It invited me to buy tokens, but when I went to the link, it asked for a key that would come from the first link.  But it really doesn’t.  You have to go to an external cryptocurrency facility like Ehterium to set yourself up. 

This essay from Medium by Attores is as good an explanation as any I have found. 

There are many YouTube tutorials, like this one. 

Essentially, you download a zip file that matches your operating system.  In a highly secured environment (it’s a good idea to turn off Internet) you set up public and private access keys, which get converted to UPC codes which you print as a paper wallet.  You need to safeguard the wallet, preferably a copy in a safe-deposit box. I’m not sure if it is OK to print it with an ink-jet (which I have right now) rather than laser.  But it looks like you can use the public key to trade on Minds (or Steemit) and the private key for certain payments.  The private key is never shown to anyone.

Minds explains its “attention and participation” economy in this white paper PDF which clearly sets up a separate ecology for its “attention economy” and has ways of rewarding participants in a system walled off from the outside pressures (especially since Trump won an election and then Charlottesville happened) for political correctness. 
This seems like a “new way to work” that may eventually leave some of the older transactional world (dependent on subscription or patronage, as I’ve talked about before) behind, as the latter has become suddenly vulnerable to mob political social justice ideologies. In two or three years it could become the only way real political debate takes place online, but enough people would need to learn to use it, and have the resources to.  Otherwise, it might be roughly like comparing Gab to Twitter. 
ThioJoe has a longer video on how to get set up in cryptocurrencies (see  newer April 3 video). 

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