Sunday, February 24, 2019

Federal judge rules that the male-only part of US Selective Service law is unconstitutional because women now can serve in combat

The draft helped build a large part of what I argued in my first “Do Ask Do Tell” book regarding gays in the military back in the 1990s, and a federal judge in Texas has ruled the male-only aspect unconstitutional, although he didn’t order his opinion implemented. 

A San Diego newspaper, story by Pauline Reppard, reported the opinion by Judge Gray Miller Rostker v Goldberg (1981) had upheld the practice, but at the time women couldn’t serve in combat.

The article mentions the social culture of male disposability from the past. That idea had been noted in writings of George Gilder (Men and Marriage) and Warren Farrell (The Myth of Male Power) in the past. 

Some observers claim that the 19th Amendment, allowing women to vote, was necessary because previously a male-only vote had been predicated on male-only conscription.

The idea of military conscription has always seemed to contradict the aims of the pro-life (anti-abortion) movements.  

Registration is based on sex at birth.

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