Saturday, February 09, 2019

EU Copyright: "Deal" between France and Germany seems to fall apart just before Feb. 12 vote

The next Trilogue vote on the European Union Copyright Directive apparently will happen on Tuesday, Feb. 12. 

But, as Copy Doctorow of Electronic Frontier Foundation writes, the entire deal over Article 13 between France and Germany seems to be in shambles.  
And the largest media company in Germany, Bertlesmann, claims it is unworkable.  I don’t think it is interested in collecting a link tax from me for this.  Italy has also practically refused.  Portugal has a grass-roots movement against it. 

Again, it would seem to take into 2020 to implement, and it is unclear how US platforms would deal with this – simply treat the EU as if it were another China?  US hosts and social media company platforms have hardly mentioned this so far.

Update: Feb. 10

Interview with Glyn Moody on Farmablog, in French (use Google translate), here

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