Sunday, February 03, 2019

An overheard conversation at a Starbucks about voluntarism -- and immigration and asylum seekers

Saturday afternoon, I sat an sipped coffee in an Arlington VA Starbucks and overheard a conversation between what sounded like two well assimilated and “moderate” Muslim businessmen.

One of them talked about enjoying volunteering.  It sounded like an odd comment to overhear in a Starbucks.

I got the impression that the community is well socialized to assist asylum seekers or refugees and that there are safehouses or homes set aside for them, not well publicized.
I had reason to recall the conversations about this in 2016 for LGBT asylum seekers.  But the definitive information on what I could really do never developed until I sold the house. I was left with the impression that you have to “belong” and interact with people in a community, and probably already have dependents, to be much good at this.

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