Saturday, January 05, 2019

Website "Change the Terms" sets itself up to pressure platforms into uniform policies against hate speech

Change the Terms”, is a new website that tries to design uniform TOS standards, with respect to hate speech.

Matt Christiansen explains the group.

Here’s the Southern Poverty’s Law Center own panel discussion for the “Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights”, here (slightly over one hour).

I’ve looked at the site and the wording is careful so as to look more innocuous, but it is very subjective.
Christiansen criticizes “believing free speech and hate speech are separate things”. How about “expert assessment of your rights”.
 There is a major discussion on my books blog today about an Atlantic article on how a Trump "national emergency declaration" for the Wall could spread to the Internet

Update: Jan 6

There's a lot of discussion going on about possible payment processor collusion against some. Patreon (or other patronage platforms) "conservative" payment processor providers (More on Timcast).  This problem seems to occur to the patronage portion only.  Advertising on the videos is not affected.  Many Patronage providers allow visitors to see all content "free" even if not patrons. Were the same content behind paywalls (that is a mandatory paid subscription), it seems as though the credit card companies would not be involved.  The content in a Patronage environment is essentially "free" (although some content can be reserved for patrons) and tends to have a wider audience base.  From the viewpoint of the provider, the he/she makes a living from the patronage (perhaps) and maybe the ads.  So in one sense the content pays for itself, but in another sense it does not. The credit card companies seem particularly sensitive to activism regarding content sites that ask for sponsorship. I wonder if this observation helps with the FTC litigation being proposed. 

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